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Massive Arms for You, Part Six - Joe Weider (1956)


1) Standing Wrist Twist:
 - for maximum flushing action.

Stand erect and hold a dumbbell in either hand, arms straight at the sides, weights at the thighs. The palms of the hands should be facing each other. Now, curl the weights up and in. Permit wrists to drop back to normal position and then twist them away from the body. Continue twisting the wrists back and forth quite rapidly and after 15 repetitions or so you should feel a burning sensation in the forearms and the area will be very pumped up.

Don't be afraid to work the forearms hard and to perform rather high repetitions in exercises for them. The forearms thrive on tough work and grow most quickly when trained vigorously.

Besides the palms in style you can also perform some wrist twisting with palms forward and also with palms facing the rear. You will find the exercise even more severe, and often more productive, especially in very stubborn cases of forearm growth, if you perform the wrist twist exercise directly after performing a set of dumbbell curls. While the curls are essentially a biceps exercise they do work the forearms to some extent, and merely having to hold onto the dumbbells while performing the curls tires the forearms considerably. Then, if you immediately perform the wrist twist exercise your forearms will get double work.

Still another variation of the wrist twisting exercise is to hold the dumbbells the same as mentioned above, but, instead of twisting the wrist back and forth, twist it up and down, to the front and to the back.

A final variation, and a very good one, is to start again as mentioned originally, but this time keep your wrists stiffened and merely circle the weight around to one side as far as it will go, and then to the other side as far is it can go. You will naturally have to move the entire forearm to do this as well as the upper arm, but the circle exercise develops the forearm area close to the elbow, and it is an important one.

To cheat in any of these exercises you use a little swing from the arms to supply a bit of motion to the weight and that permits you to handle heavier poundages and to perform more repetitions.

2) Zottman Curl:
 - for a balanced development between the biceps and the forearms.

This exercise gets its name from George Zottman, an oldtime strength performer and all around athlete.

More here:

It is an important exercise for preserving a fine balance between the forearm and the biceps. To perform the exercise, stand erect, holding a dumbbell in each hand at the thighs, the palms of the hands facing each other. Now, curl one dumbbell in a circular motion until it reaches the center of the chest (this is the same as the front of chest curl mentioned earlier). Once the dumbbell reaches this position you twist the palm to the front and start lowering the weight off to the side. As you lower the weight you begin to curl the weight in the opposite hand to the center of the chest. This exercise should be performed in a very rhythmic fashion.

To cheat in this exercise you use a swing and a lean-back as needed to help you use more weight and get more repetitions.

3) Shoulder Height Wrist Twist:
 - for flushing up the belly portion of the forearm.

Stand erect holding a pair of dumbbells at the shoulders as in a front double biceps pose, palms facing the front. Now, permit the wrist to bend forward, without moving the upper arm, so that the forearms will assume a goose neck formation. Still without moving the arms and restricting the action entirely to the wrists, draw the weights up and then back as far as they will go. Continue this wrist twisting front and back until the forearms are fully flushed up. You can also hold the palms facing each other and perform the wrist twisting motion in this position, and you can circle the weights from the wrists the same as you did in the standing wrist twist exercise.

To cheat in this exercise you permit just a little forearm movement. You move the entire forearm a fraction of an inch either front or back or side to side and this gives a good start to the weight, permitting the use of heavier poundages and/or more repetitions.

4) Goose Neck Curl:
 - another exercise for bulking up the body of the forearms.

To start this exercise bend forward and grasp a dumbbell in one hand, palm of the hand facing the rear. Now, curl the weight up to the shoulder and while doing do permit the wrist to bend forward, producing a goose neck formation of the forearm. Lower the weight to arm's stretch toward the ground and repeat. Perform the full number of repetitions with one arm and then with the other. To cheat, swing weights slightly.

5) Reverse Dumbbell Curl:
 - for ligament power.

Stand erect and hold a pair of dumbbells at the thighs, palms facing the rear. Now, keep the wrists stiff and curl the weights to the shoulders. Lower to the starting position and repeat.

Besides the hands together version you can also perform this exercise in an alternate manner, first curling one weight and then when lowering this weight you curl the other.

To cheat, use a little swing and body motion which permits the use of heavier weights.

6) Holding Heavy Dumbbells in Hands:
 - for giving the grip terrific power.

For best results this exercise is performed with thick handled dumbbells. You can have a special dumbbell sleeve made, cut from 2 inch diameter tubing to fit in the center of the dumbbell, or else you can wrap adhesive tape about the bar until it is of the desired thickness. Of the two, the sleeve is more practical since it can be quickly removed and the dumbbell can then be used for other exercises where the standard sized grip is preferable.

The exercise is simple. All you do is load up the dumbbells to a rather heavy weight and then lift them off the ground, permitting them to hang at the sides. If the grip is 2 inch diameter as suggested, you won't be able to handle too much weight at first and you will have to grip tightly to keep the dumbbells from falling out of your grasp.

Merely hold the dumbbells at arms length at the sides until the grip gives out. Do not rest the dumbbells against the thighs for this would lessen the strain on your grip. Hold them free from the sides and then grit your teeth and hang onto them for as long as you can. Keep a record of how long you hold the dumbbells from workout to workout and when you can hold any weight for more than two minutes add some poundage. There is no way to cheat in this exercise. You have to do it in the manner explained for full benefit.

7) Knee Wrist Twist:
 - for flushing up the forearms. 

Sit on a flat exercise bench and hold a dumbbell in one hand, palm facing up, forearm resting along the thigh, wrist and hand extending beyond the knee. Permit the wrist to drop down. Now, curl the wrist back up and back as far as possible, maintaining the forearm on the knee. Lower the wrist again and repeat until the forearm is fully flushed up. Repeat the exercise with the opposite hand.

Besides the palms up position this same exercise can be performed with the palm facing down and the palm facing in. To cheat in this exercise perform the movement rather quickly, and this will permit more repetitions and the use of a heavier weight.

8) Pinch Grip:
 - for strengthening the fingers.

There are many variations of the pinch grip exercise and I will explain some of them now.


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