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Massive Arms For You, Part Three - Joe Weider (1956)

Barbell Exercises for the Forearms

1) Standing Wrist Curl:
 - for maximum flushing action.

Stand erect and hold a barbell in the hands as you would in the regular curl. Now, keeping the elbows stiff, you curl the wrists up, then lower the wrists and curl them down toward your thighs. Curl them up to the front again and continue the back and forth wrist curling motion until your forearms are fully flushed up.

You can use a wide, narrow, and regular shoulder width hand spacing for this exercise, and each hand placement affects the forearms in a slightly different manner. It is also valuable to perform the exercise with the palms of the hands facing the body as well as facing away from it. At first, perform the exercise rather slowly. However, as you progress you can cheat by speeding up the tempo of the wrist curls which will permit the use of heavier weights.

2) Seated Wrist Curl:
 - another flushing type forearm exercise.

In this exercise, which is very similar in action to the previous, you start the movement by sitting on a bench an resting your forearms on your thighs so that only the hands and wrists extend beyond the knees. Keep the palms of the hands facing up, and hold a barbell in your hands, using a shoulder width grip.

Now, curl your wrists up, then lower the hands as much as possible, at no time raising the elbows off your thighs, and then curl the weight back up again. Keep all the curling action in the wrist. Continue curling the wrist up and down until your forearms are fully flushed up.

Since your forearms are to rest along the thighs at all times while performing this exercise, with only your wrists and hands extending beyond he knees, to alter your hand width you must also alter the position of the thighs. For a narrow grip, draw the knees close together, and for a wide grip, point them out. You can also use a palms down hand position besides the palms up.

To cheat in this exercise you perform the movement rather quickly which allows you to use a heavier weight. 

3) Lean Over Goose Neck Curl
 - to thicken the inner belly of the forearm.   

To perform this exercise, bend forward and grasp a barbell at the feet in much the same manner as you would start the regular barbell rowing exercise. The palms of the hands are facing the body and you use a regular shoulder width grip. Raise the barbell a few inches off the floor, keeping the elbows stiff and straightening up the body to lift the weight clear off of the floor. Now, maintaining this bent over position curl the weight up toward the shoulders by bending the elbows, until the lower arms are approximately parallel to the floor. Bend the wrists forward while doing so, holding the weight at the shoulders for a moment and then lower to the starting position, straightening the wrists while doing so. 

Besides the shoulder width hand spacing you can also use a wide grip or a narrow one.

To cheat in this exercise swing the weight slightly at the starting position and this will permit the employment of heavier weights.

4) Reverse Curl:
 - for strengthening the ligaments at the elbow joint.

Stand erect and hold a barbell in the hands, at the thighs, palms of the hands facing the body. Use a regular shoulder width hand spacing. 

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